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Simply Elizabeth Ann

Christian • wife • modest fashionista • diy-er •wearer of stripes. DM me to colab

Why I Follow her..

I like that she has a variety of clothes and colors that she wears. She puts her bargain finds and thrift store finds together in creative ways.  I mean who paints hearts on a skirt and then posts a picture wearing the cute skirt for all to see????

Elizabeth's Favorite Verse

My favorite verse is Proverbs 3:5-6. I know that’s such a common verse, but it’s message is so important. Even when I’ve failed to ask for His leading, He has guided my life and has given me more than I ever deserve. My husband and his friend co-teach a new Sunday school class at our church. Just last week we were on this topic, and that brought up something that I had never thought about. We so easily trust God for the greatest, most important, eternal decision- salvation. But so often we fail to trust Him for little things or when we are going through a trial. That is such a convicting thought!

From Simply Elizabeth Ann...

A fun fact- I have the WORST memory ever, but I know for a fact you taught me in Awanas/ Master Club, and were you my student teacher?

~This is hilarious, because I did not teach her at all!!!

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Bath Sets for Christmas

I am a huge fan of bath sets. Lark and Rue has tons of options of bath sets. They make super nice gifts!!


Best loved floral!!! Just a few left!

Merry Christmas!