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We are all different sizes, some find it impossible to find clothes that fit them that they actually like. I make anything in the shop to your measurments. Simply email your measurments after your purchase.

If you can’t afford to have all your clothes custom made, want to learn a new skill, or teach your daughter to sew, this is for you. All tutorials are in video format making learning quick and easy. Go from any measurements from infant to curvy to a garment that you will love.

The Blue Keystone’s channel covers a wide variety of topics all geared toward helping you to feel confident about your appearance which will in turn give you more confidence. Note: Clothing is not the ultimate confidence builder, but to many women don’t like the way they look. That doesn’t have to be.

Offering toddler sizes to tween sizes, so she has nice clothes to wear too!

“I am committed to making this a place where you can find many helps to create your style that makes you feel great, look great, and puts a smile on your face!!”

Stacy Thompson


New Arrivals

Youtube Videos

If you could make or buy anything in the world: What would it be? Do we just rely on what the retailers want us to wear? Break away from that and develop your own style! Know what makes you look great and feel great.

*New Videos every Tuesday


Sew it Yourself

Adult or child Size

The techniques I show you how to make a pattern for literally anyone.

Your Measurements to Your Pattern

Video detailing the steps to creating the perfect pattern for your unique size and shape. When it fits better, it looks better.

Cut Out Your fabric

Video detailing how you can accurately cut knits with scissors. No rotary cutter and cutting mat needed.

Sew it up

Video shows you how to sew it all up using the cheapest sewing machine at a big box store. No special sewing machine or serger needed.


Anything in the shop can be made for you and your littles!


Basics that are so hard to find and some fun stuff too!!!


Trouble finding the right size? Get the length and size you need.


Hair Scarves, Obi Belts, and More. An inexpensive way to lift your style.